Saturday, July 14, 2007


Here's a few photo's that were taken while I was in the hospital.

I've had good days and bad days since being home. Mostly bad since I was expected to take 10 hours out of every day and spend it at the bluefield hospital getting antibiotic treatments for a fungal infection in my lungs. It became too much and I called Dr. Craig so he said I could quit. YAY! 

The nurses gave the antibiotic the name shake and bake because of it's side effects.

I go back to Morgantown on the 18th for another bone marrow biopsy.

While there the last time I had two sets of Dr's that would visit me every day. One morning Dr. Moe came in and said he'd give me good news if I'd let him have my news paper. I said, for good news you can have anything you want. He proceeded to tell me that the test results were back and that I was in 100% remission. I got so happy I started calling everyone. Then later in the day the second set of Dr's came around and busted my bubble by saying that it wasn't 100%. That there are a few mutated cells remaining to be concerned about.

I dread more than anything going back....

I'm down to 113 pounds.