Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm gonna try to make an entry. If I lose it, I'm not trying again until I get home. This is so frustrating without a mouse. I can just hover over something with the pointer and it clicks it on it's own. And this wireless connection isn't all that. I keep getting booted.

I'm sitting here now at 7:10 pm waiting on a surgeon to come and remove my hickman catheter because they say it's what is causing my blood infection. They came in earlier and tried to put an IV in my arm with me telling them that they couldn't because my veins are all used up and will blow. They didn't listen and they blew. Big surprise! :(

They think I'm having mild seizures.

I go over to the dentist office tomorrow. It's part of the hospital. I don't know if they'll pull my bad tooth or fix it. Right now, I don't really care. I'm just tired of the infections and pain.

I bought myself three pair of happy bunny pajama's and everyone thinks they are so cute. One of the shirts says, "It's cute how you think I'm listening."

Robert and hopefully Cameron are coming up tomorrow.

I'm gonna save this now before I lose it.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Well, I was working on an entry but this stupid laptop has other ideas. just wanted to let you know, I'm OK! I have a bacteria infection in my blood and a cold that settled in my lungs but I'm getting breathing treatments and antibiotics so I should be good to go soon. I'm gonna save this now before I lose it again. Thanks for the comments and your prayers.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Home, again.

Just got home today from spending another week in Ruby Hospital and hopefully, my last round of chemo. I go back I think on the 24th for a follow up. If the results from that are good, we move on to the next step (transplant) in 6 to 8 weeks.

500 matches have already been found on the National Registry and those must be narrowed down to the closest match they can find.

The first three days in the hospital I slept and never left my room.

Today, I feel great! It's all gloomy outside and I love it! As long as I'm home.

The photo's above will look much better if you click on them and view them larger. I was snapping pics as Robert was driving. I don't think I did too bad. I wanted to show you guys how the trees are changing here. It gets so pretty in the fall.


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Thanks Carlene!

Everything you need to know about getting on the National Registry and being chosen to be a Bone Marrow Donor.

Yum...nothin like an ice cold country time Lemonade.

I think it's a lil funny that when I make a journal entry that is "Religious" themes I rarely get comments. I often wonder if it's because people just don't wanna know or what the deal is.

No biggy, just something I'm curious about. I know that I am on a Christian mailing list and the Author often goes overboard with the very long emails. LOL Gotta love him and his commitment and faith though.

We'll be leaving again tomorrow for Morgantown. I'll be staying for five to seven days to get my (hopefully) last round of chemo. Some of you have asked whether or not anyone could be tested outside my family. The answer is YES! Anyone can be tested.

If anyone is interested, drop me an email and I'll give you all the information you need. I'll need some info from you too. But, if you don't feel safe giving it to me, you can always give it to the nurse that will be contacting you, that is, if you decide to be tested.

Doc says that after I finish this last round of chemo, I won't have a lot of time to play around with. That we'll need to find a donor ASAP.

I wanna thank everyone that has shown interest and concern from the bottom of my heart.

God Love you Bless you all.

This Hickman Catheter they put in yesterday is being a real pain in the arse. I don't remember it hurting this bad before and I certainly don't remember it making me cough, being short of breath or feeling like I'm being stabbed in my lung. I can't even lean on or lie on my left side.

I called my Home Health Nurse earlier and asked if she would be coming out tomorrow morning since it was a Holiday and she said no, that it wasn't in her orders. But, if I needed something she would gladly come by. I told her the problems I was having with the hickman. She asked if it had been bleeding and I said yes. So, She'll be out tomorrow. WooT!!

I don't know if they are all like that but the two that take turns coming out to see me are nothing less than angels. They are so sweet, concerned, and compassionate. I'm not used to being treated like that so they often make me cry. (pity party) LOL

One of them is named Flora and I love her to death. She nicknamed me sissy and that makes me feel like the biggest ole baby. In a good way! LOL