Saturday, November 3, 2007

Spaghetti and meatballs for breakfast?

I can't believe I'm up at 6 am eating! Last night Robert made a pot of his made from scratch spaghetti and meatballs. I pigged out then and just now finished another large helping a few minutes ago. It's so good! I hope I can hold it down. So far, so good.

I went to the hospital around 3 PM on Thursday to get three bags of platelets and two bags of blood. I didn't get released until almost 11 am Friday. Plus I had to go three days straight to get a shot of leunasta (sp). It's to help build my white cell count. Mine was down to 1.4. The  shot makes me so sick and my bones hurt even worse than without it. And the shot itself is so very painful. Both my arms are sore and tender to the touch. We had problems with the IV so my left arm is so sore I can't stretch it out straight.

I'm doing pretty good with quitting smoking. Only had a few relapses. Still, I think I'm doing good since I'm doing it cold turkey. Hardest times are after a meal or if I become upset/angry.

I had Robert take my truck to H.C. Lewis to get new tires and a front end alignment. Almost $300 for tires!  Soon as the tires were off, the mechanic came in and said they couldn't do an allignment because the ball joint is going bad on the passenger side and my steering box is going out. Very expensive problems. A rebuilt steering box and labor will be almost $400!

Is it just me and my luck or does it seem like something like this always happens on or around Christmas for anyone else?

My aunt Debbie has offered to go with me for the two months that I will need a caregiver during the transplant. Now Robert says he's not staying here and catering to Cameron while I'm in the hospital. So selfish! I can't win for losing. 

Why can't they put me and my healthfirst for once and work with me on this?

Dawn, I'm sorry I haven't returned your calls. Don't give up on me. I just haven't felt very sociable. I love you and say Hi to Bob for me.

Wish I had some new pictures to post but I haven't felt like doing that either. Plus, I keep forgetting to take my camera with me.

I'm off to bed. God Bless you all with a Happy and pain free weekend. And don't forget to change your clocks back. I heard that some peoples computers and clocks reset their time a week early. Mine didn't!



pharmolo said...

Pity people can't just put their pettiness to one side at times like this. Great to hear you've got a healthy appetite, Lahoma!

adlessor said...


kirkbyj05 said...

How very sad that your family are not pulling together at this very important time for you.  You need them to be there so much when you are feeling vulnerable and low.  I will pray real hard for you.  I hope that the pain goes soon from your injection sights.  You could have done without that!
Chin up WILL beat this!
God Bless You.

A gentle (((hug))) for you.

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wwfbison said...

I wish it was easier for you where your family is concerned.  You should be #1 right now, no matter what.  And yes, it seems things always go wrong right before the holidays.  Take care of yourself dear.  You are in my Prayers.

tendernoggle said...

Robert doesn't have to cater to Cameron...just make sure he   is okay while you are gone...He should be able to do that!
love ya,

nelishianatl said...

Good for Aunt Debbie but I wish someone would step up and take Cameron for a bit.  I also wish you were closer so I could be your caregiver.  I'd do it in a heartbeat.  Robert has wussed out again.  Makes me so mad.  

I'm glad you have your appetite but at the same time I hope you don't get sick.  I sure am sorry about how they've done you about your arm at the hospital.  You shouldn't come away THAT sore.

I'm thinking of you and love you too.  Miss you loads.  I hope to call you soon and leave a message even if you're not sociable, just to say hey on the answering machine will be fine, just so you know I'm still here.

Love, Nelishia

sdoscher458 said...

I hope you feel stronger soon, eating is good for you. What is it about the male sex anyway? No common sense. When Robert was so sick you didn't back away from doing anything to help him...wish I could wish your problems away Sandi

acoward15 said...

How long have you been of the smokes now? It takes a real effort to do it cold turkey.

lindachapmanuk said...

omg! spaghetti and meatballs at 6am!!! sheesh! hope you kept it down, it's good to hear you enjoy food sometimes! well done still not smoking (relapses don't count) lol That is lovely of your aunt Debbie to offer to be your caregiver, life would be a darn sight easier if Robert would look after Cameron, if only for you! Maybe Robert wanted to be your caregiver and is being all macho in not telling you! Linda xx