Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We all must leave something behind.


I had a hard time getting the post an entry link to work. Could AOL be adding some new features or just being a pain in my butt?


Well, anyway, I'm here, and desperately trying to make an entry but can't think of a thing.


Oh, I know. We read in the newspaper yesterday that a 60+ year old Helicopter pilot was killed in Charleston, WV. He had just taken the patient into the hospital and on his way back to the chopper, the wind changed direction and blew the chopper blade down slicing have his head off, killing him instantly.  Just terrible!!! God rest his soul!


It's been raining at night only, for about three days now and then today, it rained all day. To look out the window you would think it was cold, but it wasn't. It got close to 60.


I over did it cleaning Sunday. (and didn't really do a lot) Woke up crying Monday morning because it hurt to move.  It felt like every bone from my lower back down to my ankles were in a vise grip crushing my bones. It was awful!


I love Aleve pain pills. Especially the new gel caps. They do me more good than the Oxycodone the Dr. gives me, plus the Aleve doesn't make me puke.


I contacted my chemo angels and we have been getting to know one another through emails. Kim and Misti are their names and they both are wonderful women with beautiful families. They have shared their home and families with me through letters, cards and photo's. I save everything they send because it always puts a smile on my face.


I pray God continues to bless Chemo Angels. They really do make a difference.


I've gotten the Christmas spirit early. I wanna get a live tree this year. And buy more ornaments and lots more lights. I ordered some Christmas decorations/stickers that you stick on your windows. Can't wait to get those.


Gotta get someone to clean my windows for me first though.


I heard a lady say the other day that "We all should leave something of us behind." It's been on my mind every day since.


Did any of you read the AOL article about the guy that married the dog? He said he did it because of his guilt from stoning two other dogs to death in the past. UNREAL!!!


Have a Blessed Day




ukgal36 said...


sdoscher458 said...

Hi...hope you stop feeling achy. Thank you for the ecards, they were lovely. Maybe after Thanksgiving I will feel like Christmas..need some colder, Sandi

wwfbison said...

How ridiculous to marry your dog!  I hope you are feeling more comfortable today.
The story of the helicopter crash is just horrible, that is so tragic.  I haven't gotten into the holiday spirit yet.  Usually I am done shopping by now and this year I haven't even started or thought of decorating yet.  It's nice you have your Chemo Angels to brighten your spirits.  Thank you for the terrific card....we should have world kindness day everyday.

nelishianatl said...

You know I want that name tag with MY name on it of course.  lol

I was afraid you'd done too much when you said you were mopping.  Oh, Lahoma, I'm sorry you're hurting so much.  

Even though I can't come up to see you this time, (he's going in his own personal van and we'd all have to ride together and do what he wants etc.) I am sending something to you and the man from our church will call you with it and leave a message cause I know you don't answer the phone.  

We are going to come on our own sometime so we can spend personal time together.  This is so hard to not be able to make it because of finances.  


Thank God for the Chemo Angels, too.

pharmolo said...

A man marries his dog? Isn't that illegal? He's mad at any rate.
Keep your spirits high, Lahoma. Keep fighting :-))

fowfies said...

I am sorry you are hurting and achy, I get on those kicks where I do too much at once too and pay for it like that afterwards...guess we should learn to pace Your chemo angels group sounds wonderful. Always nice to talk with folks who can relate to what is going on with you. Marrying a dog...hmmm...that is strange. Did he love the dog? Whos dog was it? I missed that article!

jckfrstross said...

so sad about the pilot:( sorry your hurtin tomorrow is a new day:)


tendernoggle said...

I hope you start feeling better...I can not take alieve for some reason...but I do take the tylenol arthritis strength.
DOn't you go overdoing it now and hurting yourself with those windows!  
love ya,

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lindachapmanuk said...

Hi Lahoma! that was a good entry...a 'bits and bobs one' lol Your chemo angels sound awesome! you deserve them too! I hope the dick who married the dog feels guilt every day of his life for what he did...luv you my friend...Linda xx

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xxlilfweak1231xx said...

my dear- it has been a long long while... i am not sure if you even remember me... but i was in the whole j-land community a few years back....
anywho- i got a prayer alert that a lady lahoma was not doing well- i almost fell off of my chair.... probably because i used to "know" this person... this sweet young lady- that always had something great to say....

i just wanted you to know that i am praying for you and remember that when things get tough- Jesus Christ will come and give you peace and joy- you just have to ask Him.....

Confess- Believe- and Receive.
Love u girl

ADB said...

Lahoma, we took you with us when AOL booted us out back in 2008. You had already moved to a place where pain and suffering were removed from you. You will always be remembered.

I Have Tea said...

I don't know whose guardian angel you became, but they are so lucky to have a spirit like yours on their side. You were courageous and sweet, offering your friendship so easily to all of us. I have never forgotten you and never will. Thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your life and for encouraging and inspiring all of us, dear Lahoma.