Monday, October 29, 2007

Is it a bear, a monkey, or BIGFOOT?

I have got to get to bed. I've sat here for way too long tonight reading journals and news links. Oh, and trying to update my Norton's. Looks like I'll have to purchase another years subscription. Robert said he'll give me the money for it tomorrow. At least I'm getting a 40% discount because I already have an older version installed on my computer. So, that's a good thing.

Some of you had asked why Cameron can't stay with Robert. Robert will be with me two of the three months of getting the bone marrow transplant because I have to have a 24 hour caregiver and I won't be in the hospital but next door to it in an apartment they provide through the family house. It's like a Ronald McDonald House.

All of my family and Cameron's father know that I need a care giver and that Cameron has no place to stay but none of them have offered, even when asked, to do either. They just don't care. Cameron doesn't even hear from his Dad on birthdays and holidays.

I could take him with me but that means he'd miss two months of school and he's barely getting by as it is.

It's his own fault that no one wants to take him in. He's 17, hard headed, argumentive, lazy, and disrespectful to adults when things don't go his way. Other than that, he's a good kid. LOL

I wanted to share this link with you guys and ask you your opinion of what you think it is. I don't think it's bigfoot, but I don't think it's a bear either. It looks more like a monkey to me.



kirkbyj05 said...

I hope Cameron's will soon grow out of his teenage indolence.  Some children find a transit area in their teens where they hit the doldrums for a while. Then something or someone comes along and pushes them through it.  
I hope that happens for him soon.
You stay well and think of YOU getting better.
God Bless

Jeanie xx

pharmolo said...

Hope you do manage to get something organised for Cameron. Might even spur him on to growing up a little, lol. Pity the family is like that, but I'd focus on the healing process.

sdoscher458 said...

Teenagers. I remember the teen years with my three...yuck. All of a sudden they know better and more than you do and they are invincible. Actually 17 was a great year for me when I was young...aka Frankie Sinatra. Hope a solution arrives soon, Sandi

tendernoggle said...

At seventeen I thought I knew everything too. It took me turning 50 to realize how little I did know....and how smart my parents were!lol
If I were you I would ask the school to let him take home schooling for a while until you get back home...Sometimes they will work with you and give you homework for the caes of illness in the family.
love ya,

specialadyfink said...

Oh, that looks like a primate.
God,I remember our son at 17,he was hell on wheels,literally,,,,,,,,,,,,
now he's a semi driver,LOL
Ask the school or church ,someone like that what to do,they must know of a solution.
Good Luck,have my fingers crossed.If left to hisself and something should happen in your home you would be responsible,so I just hope someone comes through for you.

lindachapmanuk said...

Im glad Robert is going to be your caregiver. Every word you describe Cameron with means...normal 17 year old!!! I could just kick your family up the butt! Cameron must be worried enough...I had a look at those pics not a bear Im sure...Linda xx